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GTIN, EAN, and UPC codes are identification systems used worldwide to distinguish products.

If you need a unique GTIN code for your products, you’ve come to the right place.

We provide effective solutions for product identification, suitable for the needs of manufacturing and distribution companies.

GTIN, EAN, and UPC codes with no expiration.

Our GTIN codes comply with international GTIN, EAN, and UPC standards, which means they can be used anywhere to identify products and never expire!

The Value of GTIN Codes for Businesses

Utilizing the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number), also known as the EAN or UPC code, holds fundamental value for businesses. This unique code enables precise and reliable identification of each product type, simplifying supply chain management.

GTIN, EAN, UPC: Identify Your Product

If you’re a manufacturing or distribution company, you likely understand the importance of using unique GTIN codes to identify your products.

But what is a GTIN, EAN, or UPC barcode, and what options are available for your product identification needs?

Firstly, let’s talk about a coding system that represents a set of numerical data visually.

GTIN, EAN, or UPC codes can be read and interpreted by barcode scanners and readers, translating them into useful product information such as price, name, expiration date, etc.

The Right GTIN Code for Your Business

When choosing the right code for your business, there are several factors to consider.

Firstly, it’s important to select codes that are compatible with international standards so that they can be used worldwide.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to choose a reliable provider that guarantees unique codes to avoid duplication issues.

In any case, carefully evaluate your product identification needs and choose the provider and type of GTIN code that best suits your requirements.

Difference between UPC, EAN, and GTIN Codes

GTIN, EAN, and UPC codes are international standards for product identification through barcodes. However, there are some differences between these standards that can be important depending on the company’s needs.

The EAN or European Article Number system consists of 13 digits.

The GTIN or Global Trade Item Number system consists of 14 digits.

The UPC or Universal Product Code system consists of 12 digits.

Often, they are equivalent and can refer to the same product.

The first digits always identify the header and typically the manufacturer, while the subsequent digits identify the specific product. In any case, all of these standards allow for the unique identification of products through barcodes, simplifying traceability and inventory management.

No Expirations!

Our codes are always without membership fees and annual subscriptions, and they can be purchased individually for each product. Additionally, we offer immediate delivery via email and responsive customer service to provide you with the necessary support.

Purchasing through our services is easy and fast: simply choose the type of service, the quantity of codes needed, make the payment. Once you receive the codes via email, you can use them for your products without any expiration dates!

Our customers include manufacturers, distributors, online sellers, and retailers, to whom we provide product identification services. We are proud to be a reliable and cost-effective choice for our customers’ product identification needs worldwide.

Acquisto codice gtin servizio standard

Standard Service

GTIN code with shared GS1 company prefix. Recommended when there is no need for a specific Code-to-Company match and for large volumes.

Acquisto codice gtin gs1 certificato

Codifica Service

GTIN code 100% matched to Company and Brand. Essential for Grocery Retail and demanding Marketplaces, such as Amazon.

But how much does a GTIN, UPC, or EAN Code cost?

Our Standard Service offers incremental discounts for any quantity, including the entire UPC prefix, with no additional costs. The following prices therefore refer to the actual invoiced amount based on the current price list. Price list based on the purchase quantity. Prices decrease as the quantity purchased increases:

  • The initial unit price is € 19.90
  • There are quantity tiers that determine the subsequent unit price. For example:
    • if you purchase 2 to 4 units, the price is € 14.95 per unit
    • if you purchase 5 to 9 units, the price is € 11.98 per unit
    • and so on
  • As the purchased quantity increases, the unit price decreases progressively
  • The price reaches a minimum of € 0.04 per unit when purchasing 100,000 codes
  • For quantities exceeding 100,000 codes or quantities not listed, you need to request a quote to establish the price.

So, the price per unit decreases as the purchased quantity grows, with significant discounts for large volumes. This can be useful for making strategic purchasing decisions based on your needs and budget.

Standard Service Price List

  • Quantity / Package
  • 1 barcode
  • from 2 to 4
  • from 5 to 9
  • from 10 to 24
  • from 25 to 49
  • from 50 to 99
  • from 100 to 249
  • from 250 to 499
  • from 500 to 999
  • from 1.000 to 1.999
  • from 2.000 to 4.900
  • from 5.000 to 9.999
  • from 10.000 to 49.999
  • da 50.000 a 99.999
  • 100.000 barcodes
  • other quantitative
  • Price list €/unit.
  • € 19,90 each
  • € 14,95 each
  • € 11,98 each
  • € 7,99 each
  • € 5,16 each
  • € 3,34 each
  • € 2,16 each
  • € 1,40 each
  • € 0,91 each
  • € 0,59 each
  • € 0,38 each
  • € 0,25 each
  • € 0,15 each
  • € 0,07 each
  • € 0,04 each
  • to quote

For our Encoding Service, codes are purchasable up to a quantity of 20 per order. The following prices therefore refer to the actual invoiced amount based on the current price list:

  • The initial unit price is € 79.00 for a single code
  • Prices vary as the purchased quantity increases. For example:
    • the price is € 59.00 for 2 codes
    • the price is € 52.00 for 3 codes
    • and so on
  • Prices decrease as the number of purchased codes increases up to a certain point
  • From 9 to 20 codes, the unit price remains constant at € 43.00.

The price list offers progressively greater discounts as more codes are purchased. Therefore, the price list indicates that the price per unit decreases as the quantity of codes purchased increases, with variations in price reductions based on quantity tiers. However, after a certain point, the price becomes stable and remains unchanged for a specific quantity range. This can be useful for making informed purchasing decisions based on the desired quantity.

Encoding Service Price List

  • Quantity / Package
  • 1 barcode
  • 2 barcodes
  • 3 barcodes
  • 4 barcodes
  • 5 barcodes
  • 6 barcodes
  • 7 barcodes
  • 8 barcodes
  • from 9 to 20 barcodes
  • higher quantities
  • Price list €/unit.
  • € 79,00 each
  • € 59,00 each
  • € 52,00 each
  • € 49,00 each
  • € 47,00 each
  • € 46,00 each
  • € 45,00 each
  • € 44,00 each
  • € 43,00 each
  • in additional orders

But How Many Codes Do I Need?

For example, if you create a product with 2 models and 2 colors, you’ll need 4 codes (2 * 2 = 4). If they are also available in 2 packages, like a package of 2 items and a package of 3 items, you’ll need 8 codes (2 * 2 * 2 = 8).
The calculation is based on the number of models multiplied by the number of colors and then multiplied by the number of packages, hence: models * colors * packages.

How Long Does It Take to Receive the Codes?

Whether it’s the Standard Service or the Encoding Service, the codes are delivered via email on the same day. The timing depends on the chosen service and can range from a few minutes to an hour. Of course, everything is governed by the Terms of Sale, which you can consult for maximum transparency.

Both Services are offered by G.T.I.N. General Tech Italia Network by Mercando!

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