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GTIN by Mercando, an Italian company operating in the field of online services for product encoding, has achieved significant milestones in an ever-evolving market. Founded in 2014, GTIN by Mercando recognized the growing importance of Universal Product Code (UPC) and European Article Number (EAN) identifiers in the realm of online sales.

GTIN by Mercando’s mission is to provide innovative solutions for product encoding and help clients achieve their objectives in the world of online sales. Right from the start, GTIN by Mercando aimed to differentiate itself from competitors by offering viable alternatives to the solutions proposed by GS1, the organization responsible for Barcodes.

Through meticulous industry research and collaboration with partners in the United States, where UPC Barcodes originated, GTIN by Mercando introduced these codes to Italy , triggering a surge in demand from thousands of manufacturers and retailers. One of the key advantages GTIN by Mercando offers to Italian clients is the presence of a local point of contact, enabling more direct and effective communication.

As market needs evolved over time, with increased demands for product traceability, GTIN by Mercando adapted to these new trends by establishing a collaboration with GS1. However, Mercando’s objective was never to replace the organization; instead, it sought to provide valid alternative solutions and identify the best opportunities for its clients.

Another initiative undertaken by GTIN by Mercando was offering clients the opportunity to showcase their products on its online platform. Barcodes, such as GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) or EAN, became search keywords, allowing for greater visibility of clients’ products. Mercando is committed to ensuring client privacy, avoiding invasive newsletter systems or unwanted links.

Nevertheless, as time passed, many other players started offering similar services, leading to market confusion. Despite this, GTIN by Mercando’s extensive experience and adaptability enable the company to continue delivering superior-quality services. GTIN by Mercando is aware of the challenges and issues that online sellers, particularly on platforms like Amazon, face and stands ready to proactively address them.

In conclusion, GTIN by Mercando has emerged as a leader in the online services for product encoding sector. Its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has allowed it to thrive and provide exceptional solutions in an ever-evolving market.

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