Codice ITF-14 GTIN-14 SCS

GTIN is a concept by GS1 that encompasses all types of Barcodes, each with their own specific characteristics and uses. Let’s take a look at the ITF-14 Barcode.

14-Digit Code, GTIN or ITF?

Confusion can arise when a GTIN is represented with its 14 digits, but ITF-14 is also a 14-digit code. So, what’s the difference?

No confusion, the code’s definition depends on its usage and the graphical format used.

If we have a 14-digit Barcode, we are definitely dealing with the typical ITF or ITF-14, regardless of the various different names it may be called: UPC Shipping Container Symbol ITF-14, ITF14, Case Code, UPC Case Code, EAN/UCC-14, EAN-14, UCC-14, DUN-14, GTIN-14.

For example, a 14-digit Barcode printed on packaging can certainly be considered an ITF-14 and derives from an EAN or UPC Code.

A representation of a GTIN typically occurs through a UPC or EAN Code, while any corresponding ITF code may have typical bars or a box, depending on the type of medium. In this example, it uses the “2 of 5 Interleaved” encoding.

Codice ITF-14 GTIN-14 SCS

Example of an ITF-14 Code (GTIN-14: 10123456789002) derived from the GTIN Code: 00123456789005, also known as EAN-13: 0123456789005 or UPC-A: 123456789005. In this case, the ITF Code with the prefix “1” indicates that the corresponding packaging contains products of the same type.


Example of a GTIN Code: 00123456789005, also known as EAN-13: 0123456789005 or UPC-A: 123456789005. This is the Barcode of the corresponding product type in the previous example.

GTIN-14 or ITF-14 Code

Shelves and packaging must be identified with a GTIN-14 identifier. In most cases, these codes are not scanned by point-of-sale scanners and do not display the product barcode, although they can contain it. Let’s first look at the structure of the GTIN-14 Barcode:

Indicator: Indicates the packaging level for a particular carton. This one-digit prefix can range from 0 to 8.

GS1 Prefix: Typically uniquely identifies the manufacturing company.

Item Reference: Refers to the same product number used for the EAN or UPC article-level GTIN when a carton consists of the same item. For cartons containing an assortment of items, a new product number is assigned.

Check Digit: The last digit of the GTIN-14 is a calculated check digit. Using a check algorithm, the calculated last digit helps prevent any errors. You can use our online check digit calculator to verify the Barcode.

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