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Acquisto codice gtin servizio standard

Service active from 2013 to date

A service that allows you to obtain GTINs from shared prefixes without membership fees and renewal fees. They enable traceability through the GS1 GEPIR platform but without a specific company identification. Their international uniqueness is suitable for all occasions except where personal data correspondence between code and Company is required. [Read more…]

Acquisto codice gtin gs1 certificato

New service starting from January 2022

A service that allows you to obtain GTINs registered under your Company and immediately propagated through the GS1 GEPIR network, such as: Company, Brand, and Product Information. Always without membership fees and renewal fees, essential in all those cases where the correspondence between code and Company is required, such as in Amazon. [Read more…]

Price List – Buy Barcodes – Codifica Service

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n.1 Codifica Service Barcode € 79,00
n.2 Codifica Service Barcodes €59,00
n.3 Codifica Service Barcodes €52,00
n.4 Codifica Service Barcodes €49,00
n.5 Codifica Service Barcodes €47,00
n.6 Codifica Service Barcodes €46,00
n.7 Codifica Service Barcodes €45,00
n.8 Codifica Service Barcodes €44,00
n.9 Codifica Service Barcodes €43,00
n.10 Codifica Service Barcodes €43,00
n.11 Codifica Service Barcodes €43,00
n.12 Codifica Service Barcodes €43,00
n.13 Codifica Service Barcodes €43,00
n.14 Codifica Service Barcodes €43,00
n.15 Codifica Service Barcodes €43,00

Price List – Buy Barcodes – Standard Service

You can customize the quantity by accessing the electronic shopping cart where you will find information, purchase terms, and registration methods.


n.1 Standard Service Barcodes € 19,90
n.2 Standard Service Barcodes €14,95
n.5 Standard Service Barcodes €11,98
n.10 Standard Service Barcodes €7,99
n.25 Standard Service Barcodes €5,16
n.50 Standard Service Barcodes €3,34
n.100 Standard Service Barcodes €2,16
n.250 Standard Service Barcodes €1,40
n.500 Standard Service Barcodes €0,91
n.1.000 Standard Service Barcodes €0,59
n.2.000 Standard Service Barcodes €0,38
n.5.000 Standard Service Barcodes €0,25
n.10.000 Standard Service Barcodes €0,15
n.50.000 Standard Service Barcodes €0,07
n.100.000 Standard Service Barcodes €0,04
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