Commercio Elettronico Integrazione Gestionali Marketplace Logistica bindCommerce e codice GTIN

Today we will talk about the integration of management systems with marketplaces and logistics, which is a fundamental step to succeed in e-commerce.

E-commerce Platform and GTIN Barcode

A crucial aspect in this process is the use of the GTIN code, a standardized coding system that allows for unique product identification. The GTIN code, associated with the brand and manufacturer of the product, is essential to ensure product traceability and simplify their management in the warehouse.

GTIN Barcode and Multichannel Selling

As mentioned before, multichannel selling is increasingly common in e-commerce. To efficiently manage sales through various channels, it is necessary to have an up-to-date product catalog and be able to offer fast and efficient shipping. The GTIN code becomes a fundamental tool to simplify order management and ensure that products are correctly identified, both in the warehouse and during shipping.

Using the GTIN Barcode in Selling Platforms

The integration of various selling platforms, such as e-commerce, marketplaces, and social networks, is crucial for success in e-commerce. In this context, the use of the GTIN code becomes a decisive factor in simplifying order management and ensuring the correct identification of products. For example, BindCommerce strongly recommends using the GS1 GTIN code to simplify the process of integrating various selling platforms.

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Bind Commerce e codice GTIN

bindCommerce is a company specialized in the integration of various commercial platforms. They provide effective after-sales support and high-quality technical assistance. They are an integrator of commercial platforms, focusing on managing the integration between management systems and platforms. Their services cover e-commerce, marketplaces, and logistics services. They excel in areas such as classified ads websites, generating PDF catalogs, dropshipping management, and integration with social networks.

bindCommerce is an excellent solution for automatic updates and is a trusted reference in multichannel e-commerce. We thank Mr. Paolo Ing. Tateo, owner of bindCommerce, for his dedicated post, and note that the collaboration between Mercando and bindCommerce has been ongoing since 2015, benefiting both companies’ respective clients (to be updated…).

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