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Markets are increasingly attentive to information searches. It is increasingly necessary, even for the future, to ensure that the information contained in the GTIN barcode is indeed accurate.

Know before selling

Through our Codifica Service, with the GTIN, it is possible to identify the product itself and link it to a whole range of useful, and sometimes indispensable, information, especially in the “consumer goods” sector. This means that there is a growing awareness in the sales system. It is increasingly necessary to understand before selling!

The “transparent” GTIN Barcode

When we think about selling a product, it is important to ensure transparency, using all the knowledge elements, including those required by law. Concerning product updates, circular economy, standardization, economics, and so on. Thus, every single manufacturer, whether from the industry or a brand distributor, has an increasing need to transmit additional information related to the origin of the product.

Not only what is on the package that must be clearly readable but also everything behind the package: who is the manufacturer, where it comes from, what raw materials are used, and so on. Rather than marketing operations. One of the challenging elements at this moment is product traceability, not only in Italy but throughout Europe. Translated into current terms, we could say digitalization.

So, it’s not just about having the GTIN, but in order to follow the product’s lifecycle, it is necessary to have a product passport, which means the full identification of the product contents.

“A unique and globally verifiable identity, which is global, does not mean Italian”
GS1 Italy

The GTIN Barcode in digitalization

The digitalization of content, creating “digital twins” of the product, allows for a unique transfer of this type of information anywhere, ensuring automated data exchange. This simplification in the context of purchasing and sales processes stems from the possibility of economically compatible data exchange. Above all, it is fast and standardized. There is nothing better that can be done if we all speak the same language.

The GTIN Barcode in blockchain

What impact does all this have on the blockchain? And therefore, control is the block in the process to have complete product traceability. Without the unique identification that is universal, the process cannot proceed. So, it’s as if the Barcode itself does not stop in its evolution for daily consumption. It’s like having a passport. Technology evolves and does not eliminate itself!

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