Product of the Day Amazon | Rolls | GTIN Barcode

Rolls - B0C3DY1MS5 Code a GTIN bars EAN UPC - Amazon

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Coloured “Rolls” bags for dog excrement. Pack contains 40 rolls (15 bags per roll). The “Rolls” bags are made of certified materials, with the dotted line to help you separate and tear the bag, suitable for all dogs. Look on Amazon…

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Amazon Product of The Day | Bioside | GTIN Barcode

Bioside - B0C7HHJ36H Code a GTIN Bars EAN UPC - Amazon

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“Bioside” Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush Waterproof USB Rechargeable Face Body Massage Soft 3 Speed Vibrating. The Bioside brush removes 99.5% of sebum and impurities, which are the main cause of blackheads, enlarged pores, acne and skin ageing. The products applied to clean skin penetrate deeper and the benefits will be greater and longer lasting. Thanks to the incredible softness of the silicone bristles, you will feel pampered like in a “spa”. Cleaning the skin before sunbathing will ensure a higher quality and homogeneity of the tan, removing dead cells. Already after the first use you will feel softer and more luminous skin! Constant use will give you the radiant and uniform look you’ve always dreamed of. With over 6,000 vibrations per minute it lifts, firms and tones problem areas for a more youthful, glowing appearance! Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Look on Amazon…

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Android Scanner Reader Barcodes and QR Codes App

Scanner Reader App

After the first version from 2015, we are pleased to announce the new release of our new Scanner Reader App , developed by GTIN by Mercando, which offers the best possible experience when using an Android application, especially without advertisements, with essential functions for reading all types of Barcodes and QR Codes. A true Barcode and QR Code reader, a scanner in your pocket! [Read more…]

Amazon Product of the Day | Namirial | GTIN Barcode

Namirial - B0C1GKSKCX Codice a Barre GTIN EAN UPC - Amazon

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“Namirial” Signature Tablet NT Display 5” and GraphoSign Lite Software License 3 Year Subscription and Encryption Technical Certificate Included.  Check it out on Amazon…

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Amazon: two weights and two measures

Amazon Codice a Barre GTIN EAN UPC

The complex situation of EAN and UPC codes on Amazon and the necessary adjustments to comply with platform rules, the importance of providing suitable solutions to meet the required standards. Our disappointment regarding Amazon’s rules and the fact that some products with “shared prefix” codes are still being published on the platform. [Continue reading…]

Made in Italy and Barcode

Made in Italy Codice a Barre GTIN EAN UPC

GTIN Barcodes in the context of Made in Italy

We want to debunk the myth of the geographical prefix associated with GTIN Barcodes, which is often mistakenly used to identify the country of manufacture of a product. In reality, the numerical prefix of the GTIN (EAN or UPC) does not indicate the place of origin or the nationality of a product at all. Let’s find out why. Continue reading…

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Amazon Product of the Day | Svento | GTIN Barcode


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“SVENTO” card holder kit, windproof supports for poker cards, steel support system for windproof rummy cards, card holders for burraco card game including 2 decks of cards. Check it out on Amazon…

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Amazon Product of the Day | Kriptd | GTIN Barcode

KRIPTD - B09H77B512 Codice a Barre GTIN EAN UPC - Amazon

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KRIPTD Slim Credit Card Holder Shielded with Anti-Cloning RFID Protection – Card Holder Wallet with PU Leather Note Holder and Zip Coin Purse – Italian Brand and Design. Check it out on Amazon…

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10 Tips for Selling Better Online

Franco Folini - 10 Consigli per vendere meglio online Codice a Barre GTIN EAN UPC

10 Tips for Selling Better Online

An interesting blog by Franco Folini, an expert and pioneer in the world of eCommerce, with his valuable advice: package your products effectively, choose the product name carefully, tell a story about the product, use storytelling techniques, set the right price or a good approximation, create a product line to offer choices to the customer, minimize dependencies between products, create simple and effective promotions, use product identifiers, avoid the “Microsoft syndrome” (overcomplicating things). For more detailed information, continue reading… (Franco Follini’s Blog)

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Before selling with the Barcodes

codice gtin cartone negozio supermercato ipermercato

Understanding Barcodes for Proper Selling

In today’s market, where consumers are increasingly attentive to information, ensuring the accuracy of product information, including Barcodes (GTIN, EAN, or UPC), is crucial. Knowing these product codes is essential for selling correctly and safeguarding the future reliability of your brand. Read more…

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