Codice GTIN - IBM UPC Symbol Proposal One 1972

The symbology of the mono-dimensional GTIN Barcode is the typical style we are most familiar with. All the information in the code is organized horizontally into bars and space widths and read from left to right by a scanner. Different versions of the Barcodes represent only numeric data, while others can encode additional characters. The height of the Barcode varies depending on the available space on a product and the ability of a Barcode reader to read a small or large-sized code. The most recognizable mono-dimensional Barcodes are UPC or EAN codes, which can be found on many everyday consumer products such as groceries and household items.

Types of Barcodes

There are two types of codes: linear or one-dimensional codes, and two-dimensional or matrix codes.

codice gtin tipologie 1-d 2-d Codice a Barre

1-D e 2-D Barcodes

The Module

The module refers to the width of the narrowest element (bar or space) in the Barcode. In the image, the individual modules are highlighted. The other widths are multiples of the module.

codice gtin modulo 1-d 2-d Codice a Barre

The module in 1-D and 2-D codes

Linear GTIN Code, One-Dimensional

The GTIN or identification Barcode is a graphical representation of numbers and characters. It can be interpreted using optical readers, which provide the corresponding alphanumeric equivalent. The linear GTIN Barcode consists of bars, spaces, and modules. Bars are the dark elements formed by vertical segments, while spaces are the light elements that separate the bars. The GTIN is usually accompanied by its alphanumeric equivalent to ensure a readable label, even without the use of an optical reader.

UPC Barcode or GTIN-12

Used in the context of large-scale distribution for products imported from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States, the UPC or Universal Product Code Barcode can only represent twelve numeric characters.

Codice a Barre | GTIN | EAN | UPC

UPC or GTIN-12 Barcode

EAN or GTIN-13 Barcode

Used in the retail industry, the EAN or European Article Number or GTIN-13 Barcode can represent only thirteen numerical characters.

Codice a Barre | GTIN | EAN | UPC

EAN barcode or GTIN-13

Code 128

Code 128 is used in the medical sector and can represent the entire ASCII character set.

codice gtin gs1 ucc ean 128 Codice a Barre

128 Barcode


Dedicated to the identification of drugs and over-the-counter products in pharmacies, the Pharmacode or Code 32 or Code 39 Barcode is regulated by specific regulations.

Code-39 Codice a Barre

Pharmacode Barcode

The Check Digit

Almost all barcodes use a check digit, which the scanning unit is able to recalculate and verify to ensure the correct reading and data integrity. The last digit ensures the integrity of the code. The check digit is calculated using a simple algorithm based on the other numbers in the code.

For example, the code “123456789005”.
The last digit is the check digit, which is “5” if the other numbers are correct. The calculation of the check digit should produce 5.

To calculate the check digit:

First, sum the odd digits: 1+3+5+7+9+0 = 25
Then multiply the result by 3: 25 × 3 = 75
Next, sum the even digits: 2+4+6+8+0 = 20
Then add the two results together: 75 + 20 = 95
Calculate the remainder of (95 / 10), also known as (95 modulo 10). If it’s not 0, subtract it from 10.
Therefore, the value of the check digit is 5, which is (95 / 10) = 9 remainder 5; 10 – 5 = 5.

Codice a Barre - Il carattere controllo

Barcode: The Check Digit

“Global, verifiable unique identity, which is also global, does not mean Italian”
GS1 Italy

Barcodes in Digitalization

The digitalization of content, creating “digital twins” of products, allows for unique transfer of information anywhere, enabling automated data exchange. This simplification in the context of purchasing and sales processes stems from the ability to economically and efficiently exchange data in a standardized manner. There is nothing better we can do if we all speak the same language.

Barcodes in Blockchain

What impact does all this have on blockchain? Control is the cornerstone of the process for achieving complete product traceability. Without a unique identification that is universally recognized, the process cannot move forward. Therefore, it’s as if Barcodes have not stopped evolving even in their everyday consumption. It’s like having a passport. Technology evolves and doesn’t become obsolete!

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