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The complex situation of EAN and UPC codes on Amazon and the necessary adjustments to comply with platform rules, the importance of providing suitable solutions to meet the required standards. Our disappointment regarding Amazon’s rules and the fact that some products with “shared prefix” codes are still being published on the platform.

Is it still possible to use EAN and UPC codes with “shared” prefixes not registered to one’s own company to sell on Amazon?

Unfortunately, the answer is a “Ni” (neither yes nor no)!
With pleasure, we see that some products are being published using codes with “shared prefixes” (those from our Standard Service, to be precise), but it is with great regret that many Amazon sellers are unable to do the same.

How can this be explained?

It’s a question we would like to ask Amazon!
On our part, we have heard many complaints from our customers due to the new regulations and restrictions regarding the acceptance of products with “shared prefix” EAN and UPC codes.

It’s a massive effort for us and our customers to adapt to these new Amazon rules and find viable alternative solutions. Solutions that avoid membership fees and GS1 fees.

Since 2013, we have been distributing numbers through the Standard Service, which, although not registered to the company, are valid internationally, unique, and “legal”.
Since 2022, we have also introduced the new Codifica Service to offer codes registered to the company, specifically to meet the needs of all those distribution companies requiring this requirement.

Prodotti Pubblicati in Amazon con numerazioni del Servizio Standard

Amazon, what a confusion!

Recapping, among the various requirements, Amazon demands that products be encoded with codes registered to the Brand and thus to the Manufacturer. So, we would like to ask them why, even if to a lesser extent, they approve products that do not reflect this characteristic? Not that our fortunate customers should take offense, as we are certainly convinced that “agreements” are always allowed on Amazon…

In conclusion?

The numbers that we can provide and guarantee for Amazon, from the end of 2021 onwards, are still those offered by the Codifica Service; however, we must state, for the sake of completeness, that there are still products on Amazon that are published despite having EAN and UPC numbers derived from our Standard Service.

Moral of the story?

Both the Standard Service and the Codifica Service offer numbers that are 100% valid.
Any possible discrimination depends solely on the sales system being used, as there is no compelling regulation in this regard. Above all, both services draw from the same numbers issued by GS1 over the years.


Certainly! Far from being “cast in gold,” this post will always require some further answers to the many doubts and questions it poses or may raise.

In any case, happy selling!

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